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1. What is a fantasy portrait? 

A fantasy portrait is a creative, whimsical and very non-traditional, photoshopped portrait set in a fictional scene. Inspiration can be drawn from books, movies, hobbies, memories or simply your own imagination.

2. What if I don’t have an idea for my portrait?

Together we will come up with an idea during the initial vision meeting.  I’ll ask you some questions to spark your imagination, and we’ll brainstorm some possibilities for your portrait.

3. I’m nervous. How should I prepare?

You don’t need any experience or to prepare anything.  Come ready to have fun!  I’ll tell you how to pose, and your personality will bring the pose to life!

4. Where can the photos be taken?

I’m located in the Austin, TX area. Photos can be taken indoors or out depending on the focus of your portrait.

5. How long will the photo shoot take?

The actual photo shoots take approximately 10-20 minutes per person but will depend on the intricacy of your portrait.

6. How long will it take for me to get my final portrait? 

The turnaround time from photo shoot until the final product is sent to you is about 2-3 weeks.

7. Will I get to see the portrait before it’s finalized?

Yes! You’ll get a sneak peek and be able to sign-off on the final draft before the photo is finalized.

8. What format does my final portrait come in?

You will receive your portrait as a digital file and the option to have physical prints and/or canvases for an additional cost.

9. How do I book a session?

To get started on your commissioned artwork, / to book your session / to get started / contact me at lauramphotography [at] or 608-828-9336